Carolyn Carrier

Community Research Associate

Carolyn has a practice focused on treating Traumatic Stress and in addressing symptoms that arise from critical incidents, accidents, violence/abuse, illness, and loss for both men and women.  She is committed to ensuring services are available without financial barrier. Visit her website for more information:  She is also employed part time at the Traumatic Stress Service program at the London Health Science Center.

Carolyn Carrier is a Masters of Education (Counselling Psychology) graduate at Althouse College.  She received her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario (2001) and her B.Ed. in Adult Education (2009). Carolyn has worked with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services for twelve years within the roles of offender case management, staff development training, and group facilitation. She has received training in risk assessment and management of male batterers and sex offenders. In addition, she has provided psycho-educational programming for women affected by women abuse.

Carolyn facilitated workplace education on violence against women through Neighbours, Friends, and Families.  She has also presented on topics of offender case management models, effective communication with offenders, and risk profiles of adult male batterers. Carolyn’s areas of concentration are victims and perpetrators of violence against women and children, working with women in conflict with the law, crisis and trauma responses, mood disorders, and addictions.