Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace Through Collaboration Dialogue Series


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This event is the first of a Regional Dialogue Series that will create space for labour, federally regulated employers, shelters, and marginalized communities to discuss and learn about innovative approaches to addressing domestic violence in the workplace. It is an opportunity to share information about working collaboratively across sectors, geographies and types of organizations to support those affected and to mitigate impacts on workplaces.

Who Should Attend?

  • Management representatives from federally regulated workplaces
  • Union leaders and representatives from federally regulated workplaces
  • Shelter workers and domestic violence risk assessment experts
  • Leaders and representatives of marginalized communities

Each Regional Dialogue will focus on the following objectives:


  • To increase collective awareness of the resources (ie: supports, tools, strategies and threat assessors) available in each specific region by service organizations that can support employers and unions in addressing domestic violence.
  • To strengthen relationships between community-based domestic violence services and federal workplaces and identify strategies for continued relationship-building.
  • To build collective awareness and ability to support marginalized workers and those who experience additional barriers in accessing supports.
  • To expand our knowledge in co-developing and participating in collaborative service delivery models across sectors, geographies, and types of organizations

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8:30 - 9:30 Welcome & Opening Plenary Domestic Violence in the workplace IS an ISSUE in the workplace and the workplace is a social actor that has a role to play
9:30 - 12:00 Problem solving with scenarios How prepared are we as a workplace to deal with Domestic Violence in the workplace 
12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH
1:00 - 3:30 New tools and resources to support workplaces in dealing with Domestic Violence in the workplace Website launch, demonstration of: organizational readiness checklist, policy builder, preliminary risk assessment & 1-hour foundational suite training
3:30 - 4:30 CLOSING | Next steps

C’est le premier événement d’une série de dialogues régionaux qui permettra à la main-d’oeuvre, aux employeurs régis par le gouvernement fédéral, aux maisons d’hébergement et aux communautés marginalisées de discuter d’approches innovantes pour répondre à la violence conjugale en milieu de travail, et d’en apprendre davantage. Il s’agit d’une occasion d’échanger des renseignements portant sur le travail collaboratif dans divers secteurs, régions et types d’organisations afin d’appuyer les personnes affectées et d’atténuer les conséquences sur le lieu de travail

Qui devrait y assister?

  • Les représentants de la direction des lieux de travail régis par le gouvernement fédéral
  • Les chefs syndicaux et représentants des lieux de travail régis par le gouvernement fédéral
  • Le personnel des maisons d’hébergement et les experts en évaluation des risques de violence conjugale
  • Les leaders et représentants des communautés marginalisées

L'espace est limité

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