Violence in the Lives of Muslim Girls & Women

Developing a Research Agenda in the Canadian, Yemeni, and East African Context Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council International Research Development Grant

Violence in the lives of Muslim girls and women is a significant, although largely hidden, problem that has received little scholarly attention. As a result, efforts to respond are often inadequate from a social and cultural perspective. The purpose of this proposal is to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive program of research aimed at the prevention and treatment of gendered violence within Muslim communities in Canada, Yemen, and East Africa.

The primary focus of this development grant will be to establish and expand collaborative relationships among academic and community researchers in the partner countries; to develop a clearer articulation and understanding of the research and policy priorities; and to hold a meeting among partners to take place in Yemen where research plans will be formulated. As well, a critical review of relevant research, policies, and programming will inform this process. It is anticipated that results from the broad program of research will foster new knowledge, tools and culturally meaningful approaches for the prevention and treatment of violence in the lives of Muslim girls and women.

Project Team

  • Principal Investigator
    • H. Berman
  • Co-Investigator
    • M. Baobaid