Expert Group - Those who Support Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence



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Carolyn Woodroffe  

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Carolyn Woodroffe was born on the beautiful Island of Barbados where she lived for 7 years before immigrating to Canada in 1982.  She is one of three siblings, she is an auntie of six beautiful humans and a great auntie of one little angle.  She attended The University of Calgary studying Sociology with her focus being Social Psychology.   

She has worked with the Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society since September 2000 she began her career there as a relief counsellor then became a full time counsellor before moving to her current position as shelter manager.  In this very important work Carolyn realized the importance of being an ally of understanding and respecting Indigenous Cultural and Traditional practices she has a great deal of respect for the Elders and knowledge holders that continue to guide and teach.  She has been at the forefront supporting issues such as MMIW2S+, violence against women and children, issues of racism both blatant and subtle.  She has a calm quiet but strong voice. 


Stephanie Robson MSW, RSW, CPT 


Stephanie has a Masters Degree in Social Work with a Clinical Specialization from The University of Calgary, as well as additional designations as a Certified Play Therapist and a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.

Throughout her 22 year career, Stephanie has worked in the field of family violence with a number of first and second stage women’s shelters. Stephanie currently splits her work week between a second stage shelter, Sonshine Community Services and her private practice, Dragonfly Therapeutics of Calgary Inc. Her work at Sonshine Community Services includes heading up the Play Therapy Program as well as developing an Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy Program.

Five years ago, Stephanie started her own private practice, specializing in trauma and mental health. Stephanie works with individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, including providing therapeutic supports to individuals and families connected with Health Canada, this includes military, veterans and RCMP family members. Stephanie incorporates Play Therapy, Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy into her private practice and is looking to expand into Equine Partnered Play Therapy in 2021.


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Michele Jones    

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Michele Jones, currently in the position of PEACE and Rainbows facilitator with Carrier Sekani Family Services. My ancestry is British and Metis (French and Algonquin).

I have worked for CSFS since 2011 and the last 5 years with the Urban Family Preservation Team. Prior to working with CSFS I worked in the Surrey School District as an Aboriginal Child/Youth Care Worker. I am currently in the process of completing my BSW and plan to further my education with a masters in counselling.

As a child of divorce and domestic violence, and single parent myself; I have developed a passion for being with people and encouraging them to be the best they can and want be. I love to share and learn from those around me and I am passionate about advocacy and working with children, youth, and their families.  

Social work can be heartbreaking and rewarding and I can think of nothing else that I would want to do at this point in my life.


Tracy Myers      

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For over 20 years, Tracy Myers (she/her) has lived on the unceded, traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw Nation where she advocates and works for women, children & youth who have experienced violence in their families.  More recently, she began facilitating groups with fathers who use violence in their intimate relationships and finds this work to be deeply rewarding as well. As the provincial trainer for the BC Society of Transition Houses, she brings her intersectional feminist lens, her passion for justice, and Response-Based ideas to her support of children’s counsellors across the province. Tracy recently opened a private practice where she offers her services to families on a sliding scale.   


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Lisa Lanyon   

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Lisa began her career as an ECE in family violence prevention sector (Osborne House, 1992). In time, Lisa transitioned to children’s counselling services (parents, groups, individual counselling), and including family services and supports. After more than 15 years in family violence sector, Lisa gained further experience as a women’s counsellor and member of the leadership team (Willow Place). Currently, Lisa is a clinical supervisor at Willow Place where she oversees the children’s and outreach areas, as well as trauma-informed and other counselling expertise. Lisa is a Registered Social Worker and Early Childhood Educator and certified Trauma-Informed Triple P Parenting program. 



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Katina Feggos, MEd, RSW, CMP (Prosci), Clinical Case Manager  

katina feggos portrait Family Plus Saint John’s Clinical Manager, Katina Feggos is responsible for the clinical case supervision in the Saint John office and consults when necessary with EAP affiliate managers and/or therapists. Katina has over 15 years’ experience in clinical therapy and holds degrees in both a masters of education in counselling as well as a bachelor of social work. Katina is highly regarded within the professional community and recognized in her work with children and survivors of sexual abuse.



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Linda Lapierre   

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Hi, my name is Linda Lapierre, I am the Children’s Outreach Worker at Chrysalis House. I have been with our association for 32 years. Chrysalis House is located in Kentville and serves the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. We offer shelter and outreach services to women and children affected by violence against women. My initial background is Recreation, and I added counselling certificates and other diverse courses, workshops, conferences, training, readings, and learning from the work I do. My role is to offer supportive programs and services to families. It ranges from safety planning, advocacy, assisting in developing positive parent-child and sibling relationships, recreational and educational programs for children and families.  When I am not working I enjoy being in nature or reading a good book. 


Stephanie Duggan     

stephanie duggan

I am supportively employed by Tearmann Society for Abused Women as a Child/Youth Counselor and have been for approximately 33 years. Through my career and work at Tearmann House, I was mentored by many people in our Community. I feel very valued by our Board of Directors, Executive Director, staff team, volunteers, community partners and clients. I am part of an excellent team who support one another during challenging times whether it is work or personal related. It has been my life work supporting families and youth who have experienced trauma as a result of witnessing and/ or experiencing, domestic, family, dating and sexualized violence (Gender Based Violence). 

Over the years, I have enjoyed creating partnerships with community agencies and organizations and found this to be a crucial piece in providing safety and additional resources for clients accessing our services. I offer a specialized program with women, children and youth exposed to domestic violence. My role in the shelter includes weekly “Mom’s Parenting Group,” and supportive client centered programming for children and youth.  I also provide a Follow-Up Program & Community Outreach Program, which supports clients leaving Tearmann House and individuals within our community, schools who are requesting or accessing services.  

I feel my grassroots experience while working at Tearmann has been an integral part of my client centered approach. I have been fortunate to update my skills having been provided with many training courses, workshops and experiences. Most of all, my work is informed by the women and children I am fortunate to work with.  Empowering and supporting clients’ decisions during their healing journey has been my inspiration. I have learned the importance of self-care to insure I am able to offer a trauma informed response to clients as the field of gender based violence, while rewarding, can be very challenging.  



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Lisa Tomlinson  

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Lisa Tomlinson is the Director of Service for the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAST).  She has worked with CAST for over 20 years where she worked to develop best practices in the area of domestic violence.  This has included the development of specialized domestic violence teams and partnerships with the violence against women sector.  Lisa has worked to bring the Caring Dads program to the organization given the important role fathers have in the lives of children and youth.  Lisa is an MSW graduate from the University of Toronto.  She is currently a sessional trainer at the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies for the curriculums, Where Woman Abuse and Child Safety Intersect:  Best Practice Interventions for Keeping Children and Women Safe and Equity in Child Welfare.


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Michelle Buttery     

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Michelle Buttery is the Child & Youth Outreach Coordinator with PEI Family Violence Prevention Services (PEI FVPS) in Prince Edward Island.  Michelle has been based out of Anderson House Women’s Shelter for the past 18 years, supporting and advocating for young adult women, mothers and their children who are fleeing violence in their lives.  With over two decades of experience as a Youth Worker, beginning back in her native England, Michelle has recently spent a year as a Learning Manager at Holland College, teaching in the field of Child & Youth Work.  Upon returning to her position with PEI FVPS, Michelle continues the important role of support, advocacy and community education.  She has co-written and facilitated a Healthy Relationships Program for grades 7 to 9 in schools across the province in the hopes of reaching and educating young people before intimate partner violence becomes prevalent in their lives. Michelle lives in Charlottetown with her partner, their chocolate lab and two rather spoiled cats. 



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Melanie Valente     

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I graduated with a degree in Psychology from the Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) in 2008. I then found a position as a worker at La Maison L'Esther, a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Itis with pride that I can say that I have been working there for the past twelve years.  

I was a mother-child worker for 8 years and now I work with both women and children. S a domestic violence educator I have introduced the   "Let's Connect on Power Relations" program, an anti-rape program in primary schools where I trained teachers, parents, students and staff to recognize forms of violence and how to intervene. I have presented the VIRAJ/PASSJ programs in several secondary schools. I have participated in two consultations: the Conjugale Violence Consultation Table(TCLCF) and the Consultation Table in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault  (TCVCASL). In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in the development of the Sexuality Education program for secondary school students in Laval. 

Most recently, I participated in a project in consultation with several community organizations in Laval, including the Laval Community Police. This project is called PREVEN-QUETE and has benefited from good publicity within the city and won the Intersection Award of Excellence. 

Finally, I continue to be passionately involved in the feminist community in order to continue to help all women and their children regain power over their lives. 


J’ai obtenu mon Baccalauréat en Psychologie de l’Université du Québec À Montréal (UQAM) en 2008.  J’ai ensuite trouvé un poste comme intervenante à La Maison L’Esther, une maison d’aide et d’hébergement pour les femmes et enfants victimes de violence conjugale. C’est avec fierté que je peux dire que j’y travaille depuis lors, c’est-à-dire, ces douze dernières années.  

J’ai occupé le poste d’intervenante mère-enfant pendant 8 ans et maintenant j’interviens tant auprès des femmes que les enfants. J’ai eu plusieurs opportunités dans le cadre de mon emploi de faire des sensibilisations et de l’éducation à la violence conjugale. J’ai eu la chance d’instaurer le programme « Branchons-nous sur les rapports de force », programme contre la violence dans les écoles primaires. À travers ce programme, j’ai pu former les enseignants, les parents, tous les élèves ainsi que le personnel qui circule à l’intérieur des murs de l’école à reconnaître les formes de violence et comment intervenir. Je me suis aussi rendue dans plusieurs écoles secondaires pour faire de la prévention dans les relations amoureuses au travers les programmes VIRAJ/PASSJ. J’ai également eu à participer et faire des sensibilisations sur deux tables de concertation, soit la Table de Concertation en Violence Conjugale (TCLCF) et la Table de Concertation en Violence Conjugale et Agressions à caractère Sexuel (TCVCASL). De plus, j’ai eu la chance de participer à l’élaboration  du programme d’Éducation à la Sexualité pour les secondaires IV de Laval.  

Tout récemment, j’ai eu l’opportunité de participer à  un projet en concertation avec plusieurs organismes communautaires de Laval, dont la police communautaire de Laval. Ce projet se nomme PREVEN-QUETE et a bénéficié d’une belle publicité au sein de la ville et a remporté le prix d’excellence Intersection.  

Pour finir, je continue avec ferveur à m’impliquer dans le milieu féministe afin de continuer à aider toutes les femmes ainsi que leurs enfants à reprendre du pouvoir sur leur vie.  


Yennelys Alcedo      

yennelys alcedo photo Yennelys Alcedo, is an expert domestic violence trainer and counsellor focussing on knowledge transfer and support for IPV practice environments. She offers a global expertise developed on her work in the intervention environment. In 2015, she became a trainer for the Group of Shelters for Women Victims of Domestic Violence. She is recognized for her expertise in mother-child intervention, domestic violence risk assessment (prevention of femicide, infanticide and suicide) and feminist and intersectional analysis of domestic violence.  For 20 years Yennelys worked at the shelter House for Immigrant Women as a youth worker and manager of the Mother-Child Program (The Public Health Agency of Canada's Community Action Program for Children). Responsible for services for mothers and children, financial management and human resources, she ensured the sustainability of the program. In 2014, Yennelys was awarded a Certificate of Recognition "A Tribute to Social Innovations" from Laval University for her contribution to the success of the "Implementation Guide to a Concerted Practice in Domestic Violence and Abuse - Acting Together for the Welfare of Children". She was also a member of the project coordination committee (2006-2013).   


Yennelys Alcedo, est formatrice et conseillère experte en violence conjugale (V.C.). Le transfert de connaissances et le soutien aux milieux de pratique en V.C. sont ses priorités professionnelles. Elle offre une expertise globale conçue sur le terrain et le milieu d’intervention. En 2015, elle devienne formatrice pour le Regroupement de maisons d’hébergement pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale. Elle est reconnue pour son expertise en intervention mères-enfants, en évaluation du risque en violence conjugale (prévention de féminicides, d’infanticide et suicide) ainsi qu’en analyse féministe et intersectionnelle de la violence conjugale. Pendant 20 ans Yennelys a travaillé à la Maison pour femmes immigrantes comme intervenante jeunesse et gestionnaire du programme mères-enfants (Programme d’action communautaire pour les enfants de l’Agence de Santé Publique du Canada). Responsable des services destinés aux mères et enfants, de la gestion financière et des ressources humaines, elle assura la pérennité du programme. En 2014, Yennelys Alcedo a obtenu un certificat de reconnaissance « Hommage aux innovations sociales » de l’Université Laval pour sa contribution au succès du « Guide d’implantation pour une pratique concertée en violence conjugale et maltraitance - Agir ensemble pour le bien-être des enfants » elle était également membre du comité de coordination du projet (2006-2013).  



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Allyson Fisher   

allyson fisher photo For nearly a decade, Allyson Fisher has been seeking to make a difference in the lives of children, adolescents, parents, and families affected by violence. She is the sole Coordinator and Counsellor of the Children Exposed to Violence Program at Envision Counselling & Support Centre, a non-profit agency serving Southeast Saskatchewan. With special attention to the effects of intimate partner violence on families, child development needs, and parenting practices, Allyson provides a trauma-informed, strength-based, and creative approach to her counselling work. “Every child, every parent, every family, every home has a story to tell. And each story is layered with complexities. It is my purpose to hold and honour their stories, guide them through these layers, and support them to live happy healthy lives.” After receiving her BA in Psychology, Allyson gained extensive training in Early Childhood Education and Play Therapy and completed a Masters-level Diploma in Art Therapy. Allyson is eager to bring her passion and experience to this project in order to continue supporting and advocating for children, youth and adults affected by violence. 


JoAnna Woode   

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My name is JoAnna Woode. I am not your typical Canadian prairie girl… I originally was born and raised in Japan. I also am not Japanese… I was born into a missionary family of 9 kids. I also am not a typical American as I have never really lived in the US. I came to Canada at 18 to figure out who I was and to get a higher education… and following getting my degree in Counselling, I met and married my Canadian husband. I now live in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan where I have set down my roots. Twelve years ago, I stepped into my current role as the Children’s Counsellor for the Moose Jaw Women’s Transition House, and I have been working with kids and their parent(s)/caregivers ever since. I feel so blessed to be able to love on kids and to help to make their worlds a little bit better after experiencing violence in their young lives. 



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