Sexual Harassment in the Hospitality, Gaming, and Airline Sectors in Canada

Project information

This project examines workers’ experiences of sexual harassment and violence, focusing on three sectors: hospitality, gaming, and airline service. As a collaboration between Western’s Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children and Unifor, our research asks:

  • What actions are taken to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence at work?
  • How can workers be supported?
  • What does the public need to know to do their part to prevent sexual harassment and violence?

Part of this project involves surveying and interviewing workers from the hospitality, gaming, and airline service sectors. Thank you to all those who participated in the research, providing their valuable insights and sharing their experiences.

The project research team is currently analyzing the data and a report will be released soon.

Resources section

2023 Research Report

This report provides a summary of the main findings from our study exploring the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence, how it manifests in a range of behaviours and practices, its consequences, the actions workers take and their effectiveness, barriers to reporting, and workers’ experiences when  they do report. The report also includes data regarding what workplaces have in place to prevent and address sexual harassment and violence. The results of this study continue to be used to create education and awareness resources and tools for workers, unions, and workplaces.



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