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"The business costs of domestic violence" with Dr. Aristides Vara-Horna

The Centre was pleased to welcome Dr. Aristides Vara-Horna, Director of the Research Institute in Business Sciences of the University of San Martín de Porres, in Lima Peru.

Dr. Vara-Horna has developed a research methodology to measure the company level costs of domestic violence to medium and large sized enterprises. He has designed a management model to prevent violence against women in companies and has applied it successfully in INTI SA Droguerías (Bolivia), decreasing VAW by 21% and recovering 41% of lost labor productivity due to VAW. His research has been the basis for the creation and promotion of Government Seals to involve companies in the prevention of violence against women both in Peru (three cases) and in Paraguay (two cases). He has measured the business costs of violence against women in more than 400 large and medium-sized companies in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, demonstrating the high economic impact of VAW on productivity. His methodology has been replicated successfully in Ghana, South Sudan and Pakistan by the What Works to Prevent Violence Program (UKAid).

Learn about his work in this webinar recording: "The business costs of domestic violence"

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