Training and Certificate


Welcome to our Online Training and Certification Programs. We are committed to providing individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills required to combat violence and promote healthy, respectful relationships. Our comprehensive online modules, interactive workshops, and certification courses are designed by experienced researchers and facilitators to provide practical, evidence-based education. Whether you are a student, professional, service provider, or community member, our programs provide valuable insights and tools to help you make a significant difference. Join us in our mission to eliminate abuse and create safer, more inclusive environments for all.  

Online Modules

The Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children provides training through modules focused on prevention and awareness education.
Click to see a list of the current training available to the public. 


Certificates Programs

This program is designed for professionals looking to enhance their abilities in addressing GBV, offering a comprehensive and practical learning experience. 


Workplace Solutions

We offer professional, practical, and research-backed solutions to prevent and address workplace harassment and violence. Our services are trusted by teams globally.